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About Us

Fang & Claw is a group of people of all kinds, joining together to make games that push the boundaries of interactive, playful strategic sport. We’re building something awesome that energizes us and puts a smile on our faces — even when it involves, say, a little friendly competition!

We’re a people-first studio making a player-centric AAA game, and our team recognizes that impactful games can only be made through impactful culture. With financial and administrative support from Prytania Media, we’re building a safe, ethical, and inclusive space where creativity thrives.

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Though true radness cannot be produced from a formula, it can be manifested by the right kinds of people. Fang and Claw is assembling those people to bring that perfect balance of thrill and good-natured fun to our games in a work environment that supports them. We give ourselves the freedom to live in the environments we thrive in, and so we are distributed across the globe with no physical headquarters.

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We proudly offer to every employee the opportunity to share in the rewards of what we create. Through the participation of robust profit-sharing and stock option plans, our employees receive equity to share in the success of not only our studio, but in the success of our sister studios too. Sharing the details of equity programs is rarely done publicly, but we feel strongly about the importance of transparency as a public commitment to our team. Click here to read our Employee Profit Sharing Plan and our Equity Incentive Plan.


We come from studios big and small, priding ourselves in our differences and building a team that recognizes the strength of varying beliefs, backgrounds, and perspectives. We are actively seeking experienced game industry veterans and new emerging talent from all over the world to join our fully distributed organization.

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